Get dinner done easy with a full access subscription to Super Healthy Kids on Prepear.

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Get dinner done easy with a full access subscription to Super Healthy Kids on Prepear.

Start Today!

What’s Included:

Healthy Balanced Meals

Healthy kid-friendly recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies included in every meal

New Plan Every Week

Delivered every week; created by a registered dietitian

Grocery Lists

Automatic grocery lists that you can customize based on any edits you make

Weekly Prep Tips

Helpful tips included in every meal plan to keep you on track

Customized to meet your families needs

Adjust Serving Sizes and Swap Meals

All meals can be customized to fit your family’s size, taste preferences and lifestyle.


Your recipes, meal plan, and shopping list are accessible everywhere you are with Prepear’s app for iOS and Android, or on your computer.


Print any recipe, meal plan, and grocery list from either your phone or your computer.


Save time and get your groceries delivered or for curbside pickup through the Walmart grocery integration.

Why Choose our Meal Plan?

Spend LESS time doing this…

  • Hours of searching for recipes on Pinterest and planning your meals.
  • Multiple grocery store trips each week
  • Boring meals your kids don’t eat
  • Wasted Food – (Americans waste up to 40% of their food each month)
  • Excessive money on takeout / fast food
  • Unhealthy eating

And get MORE with Simply Fresh Meals!

  • Stress-free: Meals planned for you!
  • Save time and avoid going to the store with your kids by getting your groceries delivered with the Walmart integration.
  • Proven recipes your picky eaters will love.
  • Less food waste by planning ahead and eliminating food you don’t eat
  • Save money on your grocery bill by avoiding last second purchases because you have a detailed plan!
  • Recipes created and planned by a registered dietitian so you can know they are healthy for your family.
Stress Free

No thinking required. No more last minute scrambling to put dinner on the table.

Optimal Nutrition

Our meal plans are created by a registered dietitian, mom of four, who knows picky eaters.

Save Money

When you follow a plan you are less likely to eat out and spend less at the grocery store.

Save Time

Automatic grocery lists and the ability to get your groceries delivered frees up more time for you.

Less Food Waste

When you follow your plan, and eat what you plan you are sure to have less food going to waste.

Get Out of Your Dinner Rut

Our recipes are sure to bring some new tastes to your kitchen so you can find new things your family will enjoy.

How it Works

Super Healthy Kids Simply Fresh Meals is delivered through the Prepear App.

What is Prepear?

Prepear is a connected cooking app (iOS and Android), that connects your recipes, meal plan, grocery list, and even shopping into all in one app.

  • Save all your recipes in one place
  • Easily customize your meal plan, and even add in your own recipes
  • Create automatic grocery lists
  • Get your groceries delivered or curb-side pickup with Walmart grocery integration

Simply Fresh Meals

14-day FREE Trial!

*Billed annually

  • Healthy dinner recipes with seasonal side suggestions and weekly snack prep
  • New meal plan every week created by a registered dietitian
  • Customizable (move, add, remove recipes from plan)
  • Automatic grocery list
  • No ads or popups while you cook
  • BONUS: Access to all of Super Healthy Kids cookbooks and meal plans on Prepear (13 extra meal plans, 5 extra cookbooks). See below:
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